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BONZY HOME brand has been for 10 years. BONZY HOME Mission: Serve your best value for money home products worldwide.  Thank you for your support. We hope to know more about your story with  BONZY HOME  brand products.
1. Blog post: your story with  BONZY HOME  brand products, 500 words text  with product actual pictures in your home
2. Video: your story with  BONZY HOME   brand products, discussing products with friends or video of actual usage scenarios, more than 3 minutes. We prefer any form of video creative. 
Please post your blog or video to your at least one for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, then send us the link, leave your email and phone number in Contact Us.

We will reply to emails and calls within 48 hours, and give you a bonus of $ 30- $ 100 directly via PayPal and credit cards. These blogs and videos will be selected and placed on the  BONZY HOME  brand website. You give us the right to use it. For very creative videos, we will send out free Christmas gifts as a bonus.

Come and tell us your story with  BONZY HOME brand  product  and get your money $ 30- $ 100 for free.